May 192014

I didn’t like the way things were shaping up with my prior arrangement of Fuel pump and Fuel filter so I changed it.  Instead of using the existing hole I bored another one 1 1/8″ up from the floor.  This gives a direct line of sight arrangement between the pump and filter.  Here is a view looking down.  I had to fabricate a different angle (left side) to hold the filter about 1/4″ above the floor.  The pump (right) sits on two angles and is about 1/8″ above the floor of the angles so that I can get to the mounting bolts.


Here are the fuel pump mounting brackets pop riveted into the floor with LP4-3 rivets, the same used to anchor the rudder pedal angles.


And now with the pump in place temporarily.


Side view.  It looks top heavy and like it would be easy to topple over but it’s definitely secure.  There will also be the supplied guard to cover this side.


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