Apr 202018

Set of adel clamps holding the prop governor cable from chaffing on the engine mount as it passed to the right then left.

Yellow and black adel clamps holding the alternate air cable in place.  The filtered airbox has a sanded coat of primer on it.  It needs one more coat and then paint, that’s why it looks unfinished and there is tape covering the alternate air door, immediately behind the thin wire center left of picture.

Left side (2 & 4) cylinder safety wire of lower baffles in place.  High temperature blue silicone tubes encase the safety wire and you can see each end is terminated with a washer – old school.  I dispensed with the stainless steel as noted before.

Cylinders 1 & 3.

Throttle cable held in place with adel clamps so it doesn’t rub anything.  It gets pretty tight in this area.

4 inch scat tube connected to the oil cooler and baffles.  It touches a few things here but since it’s silicone it should not abrade anything unless it gets covered in dirt.  I’ll do my best to wrap it where it touches anything.

4 inch scat attached to back of right rear baffle.  It passes through the engine mount, past the aux alternator and down to the oil cooler shroud.  Could not pass it above the engine mount because there isn’t height clearance.  I sure hope this cools properly.  The oil cooler is as low and as as close to the cowl exit as possible which should help to suck it out being near the cowl exit.  All wires are wrapped where they could come into contact with the scat tube.  I need one more 4.5 inch screw clamp for the baffle connection.  Access to the dipstick is unhindered.

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