Mar 202014

Worked on the pilot consoles the past two days.  Mostly done.  I used a small level to make sure there was a 2 degree cant outwards so that stuff left on the consoles wouldn’t end up on my feet during straight and level.

This is the left console brace.  All the nutplates are installed but no pics.


And the right console.  Drilled and ready for nutplates.  I started to drill the holes where #8 screws go with a #21 bit.  At that size after the hole is drilled you can screw a screw into the hole and it holds it perfectly centered.  There is some play when you use a cleco.  All the holes get resized later.


I deleted the canopy from the Finish Kit today and sent a check to Todd’s Canopies.  I like the look of the tinted canopy.  It’s also a bit thicker and so perhaps a bit safer when it comes to birdstrikes.  It’s also half the price of Vans canopy that money saved will get me an Andair Fuel Selector valve.

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