May 292014

I built a support angle for the fuel pump.  The rivets holding the brackets to the floor are pretty secure but if it gets kicked hard to the side it *could* snap off, and then we might have fuel in the cockpit.


Drilled and installed the static port rivet on both sides.


I bought these springs and collars during the last build.  They give a firmer brake pedal feel and push back when off the brakes so that the brakes don’t drag.  There is a washer at the top of the springs opposite end of the collar to keep the springs from rubbing.  I’ll secure the collar 1/16″ from the bolt, washer and nut.


Secured the tubing which keeps the rudder cable from rubbing on the aileron push tubes.


Removed the existing elevator push tube angle brackets and began installation of the Garmin Autopilot brackets.  Used a 3/4″ wood stock to make sure the angles were aligned, secured with small clamps and back drilled using the existing holes.


Riveted the angles after this.


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