Jul 252015

It seems a little strange that I’m complying with service bulletins from year 2000 but this is an old kit.  Safety wired the fuel pickup tubes.  Snapped off a couple of itsy bitsy drill bits in the process.  I don’t think the extra holes are going to be a problem.  Torqued, safety wired.  Done.

image image

Installed the battery buss.  Hopefully this location works out.  Sometimes you just don’t know until you’ve travelled down the road a bit.  It’s hard to get ALL the wiring in your head at one time.  Installed the diode for the e-bus feed into a tooling hole.  Thinking about this, I’m going to move this to the other side and mount it on it’s heat sink.  The heat sink is a safety item and I’ll feel better if it’s intalled.


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