Jan 032017

Plans call for the part of the baffle which surrounds the forward mounted governor to be riveted to the portion of the baffles which hold the air filter.  Problem is that must remove the prop governor mounting bracket and hence the 6 screws which are safety tied to do so.  That’s a pita.  So I attached said baffle portion with nutplates.

Trial fit the 4 inch scat tubing.  It’s gonna work.  I know it looks like a complete mess but it fits nicely and I can get to the oil dipstick with the cowl on.  A couple of issues to deal with like it touching the standby B&C alternator.

I’m not sure which route I’ll use for these Man, Fuel and Oil pressure wires.

The right side wiring is coming along nicely.  I have all the wires run except the dual alternator feed lines.  I need to order some terminals.

I completely split the two halves of the airbox.  I’m not sure how I’m going to do this yet.

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