May 172015

This kit came with a tall pilot option seat back weldment.  I purchased a shortie from another builder who had an extra one.  With the combination of a Quickbuild fuselage, including the already drilled shim and Showplanes canopy sills it was amazing that most of the drill holes lined up, especially when you consider the fuselage had to get squeezed about 1/4″ to get the weldment to fit properly.  Since the weldment was already drilled I back drilled up through it.  The red arrows were placed there because I was going to take this to the local welder to get those holes filled if they did not line up.  No need now.

image image

Shim riveted in place.  I still need to get the Showplanes roll bar welded to the seat back weldment so I must wait to install it permanently.


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