Jul 052020

Lots of details to take care of before mounting the wings for the last time. First off I needed to make the relieve cut on each tank attach point. After cutting I dressed this part to make it fit the 1/4″ bolt. The bolt should be able to slide out of the slot if you crash and the tank should separate from the fuselage.

Got hung up for a week because I ran out of these dimpled one leg #8 platenuts.

Install all the platenuts on the wing to fasten the wing gap fairings.

Test fit the gap fairings.

Install wings. Drove most of the bolts in with a rivet gun. The bottom ones are very tough because the gear weldments are in the way. You can only torque the bottom ones from the head of the bolt. Not ideal but it’s the only way. Also note that the two #3 bolts are in place per the service bulletin, on both sides.

Aft castellated nut and bolt installed on both wings.

Wings on with the lights on.

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