Jan 032019

My brother in law John and his son Jeremy [Serving his country proudly in the Army! Thank you very much Jeremy. We are all proud of you!] were here for Christmas and they elected to get messy with Hysol 9430. It was Cold in the hangar. The Hysol was hard to mix but eventually came around and we beat the 50 minute cycle. Just a note, if you are doing this you can Easily get by with just half a can of the resin, or even less.

We placed a layer of Hysol on both the frame and the canopy. In a couple of areas there wasn’t enough glue to make a gapless bond and so a cleco was removed here and there and glue was packed in with my gloved fingers from the inside. Here you can see the glue coming through the 1/4″ bonding holes.

The tape was removed on the inside while still wet and left a nice fillet and joint with the frame and plexiglass.

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