Aug 282018

I removed the filter and decided to install it at the ELT side of the antenna wire.  I didn’t want that extra weight bouncing up and down with turbulence and G’s.  Here the cable is directly connected to the antenna.

I placed a layer of UHMW tape on top of the HS spar and wrapped the antenna with baffle material.  The baffle material just barely touches the HS spar.  Under G’s this should support it and not cause any undue bending of the bulkhead.

Just barely touching.  The UHMW should keep any grit from gouging the spar.  I’m unsure about the amount of relative motion between the bulkhead and the spar.  I wouldn’t think it would be too much but there is enough padding for now, I think.

Filter added to the line, directly connected to the ELT and a 90 degree elbow.

Now it’s time to finish this and call the tail end done.  Placed a bunch of clear tape on the HS and VS ready for  the first application of cabosil.

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