May 022017

I’m doing something a little different than what I did on the RV-7A with regards to the hinge pin covers.  On the last plane I cut a full circle out, half on the top cowl and half on the top cowl.  This time I’m only doing one half, the top cowl.  Here you can see I started cutting the left and right sides of the top cowl.

Previously I had laid up 4-5 layers of glass onto the cowl halves to get the contour of the cowls.  Here I’ve trimmed both the hole and cover to make a snug fit on both sides.

I put the cowl halves back together and covered the inside of the top cowl with clear packing tape the joined the two halves and bonded a backer onto the lower cowl.  I will cut some of this away so I can reach the hinge pin and the cover will be connected to this backer with a single screw and nutplate.

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