Jul 182018

Attached rudder in order to see the alignment or misalignment of the VS tip and rudder tip.  Of course, it’s misalignment.

Not bad.  Let’s measure.  [Also see the cutout on the VS?  Previous owner was going to place a VOR cat whisker antenna there.  Need to patch that as well.]

3/16″ difference.  I’ll fill the top of the VS tip with epoxy/flox and grind it down to match.

Some sanding required.

Crawled in the back and removed the transponder in order to pin out the power and ground to make sure I’m getting power.  Check.  That’s not the problem.  Once everything is connected to the CAN bus I’ll recheck.

Bonding the tail light nuts worked perfectly.

Started working on the elevator tips.

And finally I turned the airplane around in the hangar in order to mate the wings.  Progress.

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