This is my second RV, the first being an RV-7A first flown in 2005 and sold in 2012.

Mar 302014

I tried to inset the gear webs.  The right one fit perfectly and all the bolt holes line up.  A big difference from when I tried this on the RV7A if you remember that little issue.

The left side fit but something was still not perfect.  Not all the bolt holes lined up.  Upon further inspection of the plans you can see that 5 rivets are supposed to be left off because they get bolts to hold the gear weldment in place (bottom left of picture).


Here’s the right side.  Note five rivets missing.


Here’s the left side.  Whoops.  One of these isn’t supposed to be here.  Easy fix.



Now everything fits.  I have a couple keeper bolts in place with all the threads ground off.



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